07 Jul

That Joe Canning Goal Has Given Hurling An Unlikely New Fan

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Kilkenny and Galway served up an exciting first half in their Leinster hurling final, with the highlight being that wonderful goal from Joe Canning just before half-time to bring Galway back into it.

It looks like the game has attracted new fans, including one from across the Irish sea more known for his wit on another pitch. The world's best rugby referee has tuned in, and is very impressed with what he sees:

Nigel Owens tweeted: Just watching my first game of Hurling Kilkenny v Galway. Think I am going to be a Hurling fan. Very enjoyable and exiting I must say

First the British, then the Canadians, and now rugby referees. Hurling's quest for world dominance is gathering momentum. Owens will take charge of Ireland's key World Cup Pool game against France in his first international in his home country's national stadium.

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