iHurl Blue - Adults-30"-32"

iHurl Blue - Adults-30"-32"

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30"  390grams +/- 3
32"  450grams +/- 3

The funky iHurl comes in a high gloss finish with unique foam spray on the Bas for extra grip in wet conditions.

Made from a unique  carbon fibre and fibreglass composition, this first of a kind synthetic hurley will provide the player with consistency, durability, enhanced striking and faster swing due to the thoughtful engineering which is used to build the iHURL.

The unique Foam spray (developed by the Culsliotars team) on the Bas of the iHURL provides real wood like feeling to help with grip in wet conditions.

Reduction in vibration up to 99.5% as tested in lab conditions this takes the sting out of the iHURL in the "clash" situation making it ideal for children.

Every individual iHURL is unique, as each one is hand painted in final assembly to give it the real wood like appearence, again a 1st in synthetic hurleys.

The iHurl is non porous so even if left out in wet or indeed cold or warm conditions both its weight and shape remain as if they were brand new!

The "30" + 32" iHURLs are our adult range and players will notice its "sweet spot" and increase in striking distance.

Our iHURLS come with 2 grips one at the top and 1 at the bottom for extra comfort, and also the unique end cap for that extra comfort and extra grip.

The funky ihurls come in a high gloss finish to give it a professional look and feel.

  • Rungs act as "silent coach" encouraging correct foot placement.
  • Tough webbing side strips keep shape between rungs consistent.
  • Speed ladder for angled movement providing directional training.
  • Lightweight yet remains in position due to superior design.
  • Rungs spaced for standard adult and infant stride length.
  • Suitable for outdoor use and can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Bright yellow for easy use in all lighting conditions - plus other colours available.
  • Easy to clean, easy to arrange, easy to store.
  • Can be used when wearing training shoes or boots.
  • Nylon connectors allow multiple ladders to be used at once to create a much longer run.


  • 10 rungs per ladder.
  • Rungs spaced 420-490mm apart.
  • Double stitched with anti-rot thread
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