playsmart lcd tactic board
PlaySmart LCD Tactic’s Board
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PlaySmart LCD Tactic’s Board

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PlaySmart LCD is the Ultimate Coaching Board, eliminating the need for markers and erasers.

PlaySmart LCD combines a crisp and clear LCD writing surface along with instant erase technology, allowing you to erase the board at the press of a button. The ultra-low power consumption provides “always on” power for approximately 1 year using 2 x CR 2032 button cell battery (included).

The back of the board also serves as a standard roster whiteboard providing even more functionality in the already thin and lightweight design.

21” inch Liquid Crystal Display
Board Dimensions 47cm x 32cm.
Always On, No Charging Required
One-Touch Instant Erase
No Glare Display
Reversible to roster whiteboard
Lock Function (prevents accidentally erasing your drawing) Each PlaySmart LCD comes with the following;

1 x 21” PlaySmart LCD Board
1 x Writing Stylus
2 x CR2032 battery (Expected life of approximately 1 year)
1 x Instruction Manual

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How durable is PlaySmart LCD?
PlaySmart LCD uses a Liquid Crystal Display, so please handle with care. It is likely that it will survive most minor drops and falls, but better to not test that out just in case.

Please also ensure it is not placed in an area where balls are being shot, as an object directly contacting the LCD screen is likely to do permanent damage. While it is fine to expose PlaySmart LCD to mild moisture, it should not be submerged in water or used in conditions such as extremely heavy rain.

PlaySmart should not be laid directly on the surface, or used/ stored for an extended periods of time in an outdoor environment where the temperatures are below freezing.

Can PlaySmart LCD be used in the rain?
PlaySmart LCD is fine to be used in light rain, but it should not be submerged or used in extremely heavy rain.

When I try to draw on the screen immediately after hitting the delete key why does it not show up?
When you press the delete key to clear the screen, PlaySmart LCD will process an erase function for the entire screen that will usually take approximately 1-2 seconds to complete. If you try to draw on the board while the erase function is still being processed it will not appear. Please wait 1-2 seconds after pressing the delete key before continuing to write on the board.

If PlaySmart LCD does not have to be charged, how is it powered?
PlaySmart LCD uses 2 x CR2032 button cell batteries.

PlaySmart LCD does not use power when drawing on the board, as there is only a very brief power drain on the batteries when the delete key is pressed. As such, you can expect to get approximately 1 year of use before having to replace the batteries in PlaySmart LCD