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iHurl FAQ’S

Does the Paint Chip on the iHURL?
At Cul Sliotars we test every batch of new iHurls to the limit including paint chip testing. The paint will chip on the iHurl over a period of time but this WILL not interfere with its functionality. Continued use on hard surfaces like concrete and tarmac can lead to cracks in the iHurl. A video of our testing is also available on our Youtube Channel.

Is the iHurl Unbreakable?
For safety reasons the iHurl is not unbreakable. To comply with the guidelines set out by the GAA the iHurl can break after any length of time once it is subjected to any excessive force.

What happens if the iHurl breaks & can it be repaired?
If excessive force (like any hurley) is applied then the iHurl will break. The most common fracture point is just above the Bas under the lower grip. Never remove this grip as its main function is safety. This was tested in a lab environment so reality can be different. NEVER try to repair the iHurl as this is dangerous and highly not recommended.

Is there a Guarantee with the iHurl?
Due to the nature of the game of hurling and camogie we cannot guarantee the iHurl. We can however guarantee that each iHurl you purchase will replicate your previous purchase something that is difficult with a real ash hurley. Weight, Balance, Quality, Feel,and Grip are checked on every iHurl.